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As the world hurtles towards an uncertain future, Gen Z and millennials are forging their path in the ever-evolving job market, armed with unique skills, digital prowess, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

These tech-savvy cohorts are redefining career success, prioritising job satisfaction alongside financial gain, and shattering traditional notions of high-paying careers. In a landscape where innovation reigns supreme, they seek positions that offer lucrative salaries and the opportunity to make a meaningful social impact.

Top 10 highest-paying manager jobs in Hong Kong

The employment outlook in Hong Kong presents diverse opportunities across industries, reinforcing the importance of agility and continuous learning for individuals seeking to thrive in the dynamic job market.

The following is a list of the best-paying managerial jobs in Hong Kong, derived from our 2023 Page Insights Salary Guide, For those looking to take their careers to the next level.

The list features a selection of managerial positions in our salary guide and helps job seekers identify sectors that can offer competitive salary packages.

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1. Project Management Office (PMO) Manager

A project management Office (PMO) manager commands a yearly salary of HK$1.3 million in the technology industry and HK$1.1 million in property and construction.

The PMO is not merely a glorified scheduler; they are the linchpins of corporate strategy execution. These executives oversee a portfolio of projects and ensure alignment with organisational objectives. Their remit extends from resource allocation and budget management to risk mitigation.

By establishing governance protocols and leveraging data analytics, they facilitate on-time, on-budget project delivery. Think of them as the maestros of the corporate symphony, orchestrating various departments and stakeholders toward a singular, transformative goal.

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2. Data Management/Governance Manager

A data management/governance manager earns HK$1.1 million yearly in the property and construction industry. The same role makes up to HK$1 million in consumer and retail, healthcare and life sciences, industrial and technology sectors.

In the era of Big Data, the data management/governance manager is the guardian of an organisation’s most valuable asset: its data. This role is not merely administrative; it’s a strategic vantage point. Entrusted with data quality, security, and compliance, they lay down the governance framework that enables data-driven decision-making. Their work ensures regulatory adherence and equips the C-suite with actionable insights.

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3. Cybersecurity Manager

A cybersecurity manager earns an annual salary of HK$1.02 million in the banking and financial services industry. The same position makes up to HK$960,000 annually in consumer and retail, healthcare and life sciences, industrial and technology sectors.

This role goes beyond firewalls and antivirus software. It’s about designing a comprehensive strategy that safeguards an organisation’s digital assets. From risk assessments to crisis management, they steer the company through the labyrinthine landscape of modern cybersecurity. They liaise between the boardroom and the server room, ensuring that security protocols align with business objectives.

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4. Project Manager

A project manager commands up to HK$950,000 annually in property and construction, and technology.

In the world of business, a project manager acts as the linchpin, guiding projects from the drawing board to reality. They are responsible for allocating resources, setting deadlines, and managing risks. The role necessitates effective communication within the team and with external stakeholders.

Balancing multiple elements, from budget constraints to human resources, they aim to bring projects to fruition on time and within scope. Their role ensures that a company’s strategic goals are actualised, making them indispensable in today’s fast-paced corporate landscape.

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5. Category Manager

A category manager makes up to HK$900,000 in the banking and financial services, and industrial industry annually. The same position brings home up to HK$600,000 in property and construction.

Tasked with overseeing a range of products or services, category managers analyse market trends and consumer needs. Their responsibilities extend from product selection to setting pricing strategies. Their work is critical not just for maximising revenue but also for enhancing customer experience.

By working closely with suppliers and marketing teams, they aim to offer a product mix that aligns with company goals and consumer demand. Their role is critical in navigating the complex commercial landscape.

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6. Product Manager

Product managers with an R&D focus can earn up to HK$850,000 in industries like industrial, healthcare and life sciences, and property and construction.

The generalist product manager brings home an annual salary of HK$600,000 in consumer and retail, HK$560,000 in technology, and HK$558,000 in healthcare and life sciences.

Product managers are the crucial link between the development team and the market. Their responsibilities span concept development to product launch, incorporating market research and customer feedback. By working alongside engineers, designers, and marketers, they aim to deliver products that meet consumer needs and align with company strategy. Their influence extends into pricing, promotion, and even the ultimate success of the product.

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7. Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers earn an annual salary of HK$815,500,000 in property and construction. The same role brings home HK$780,000 annually in banking and financial services, HK$660,000 in healthcare and life sciences, and HK$650,000 in the consumer and retail, and industrial sectors.

A marketing manager commands an annual salary of HK$800,000 in banking and financial services. The same role brings home HK$720,000 annually in industries like consumer and retail, healthcare and life sciences, and technology.

The role extends from market research to crafting advertising campaigns, often overseeing a team of specialists. They are not just concerned with promoting products or services but also with understanding consumer behaviour. They aim to drive revenue and increase market share by working with sales and product teams. Their role is integral to a company’s growth and standing in the marketplace.

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8. Finance Manager

Overall, a finance manager earns up to HK$750,000 annually in the consumer and retail, and technology sectors, HK$740,000 in healthcare and life sciences, and industrial sectors, and HK$720,000 in banking and financial services, and property and construction. However, in the legal and private practice field, the same role can command up to HK$950,000.

Their duties extend from budget planning to financial reporting and risk assessment. It’s not just about numbers; they also offer strategic guidance, identifying investment opportunities and cost-saving measures. Working closely with various departments, they ensure financial practices align with organisational goals. Whether managing cash flow or liaising with auditors, their role is vital for steering a company through the complexities of today’s economic landscape.

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9. Accounting Manager

An accounting manager earns up to HK$650,000 annually in consumer and retail, and technology.

The role oversees a team of accountants, ensuring that all financial records, audits, and reports are accurate and comply with regulations. Their role goes beyond mere number-crunching; they are key players in fiscal strategy, offering insights that could influence business decisions. With responsibilities such as tax planning and budget control, they play an essential part in safeguarding a company’s financial integrity.

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10. Customer Service Manager

A customer service manager earns up to HK$540,000 in the consumer and retail industry.

This role entails overseeing a team dedicated to resolving customer queries and complaints, often in real time. But it’s not just about firefighting problems; the manager analyses data to identify trends, influencing changes in products or services. As the human face of a brand, their decisions can significantly impact customer retention and, ultimately, a company’s bottom line. They’re vital in shaping a customer’s journey from dissatisfaction to loyalty.

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