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Hong Kong’s economy is expected to grow between 3.5% and 5.5% this year. After Hong Kong significantly relaxed its COVID-19 curbs in January, it is looking to revive the economy through a raft of measures, including offering cash handouts to residents and cutting salaries tax to boost spending.

The demand for home tech innovation products in the consumer and retail industry leads firms to hire talent with product development, innovation, and product marketing skills. The healthcare and life sciences sector looks to offer better work-life balance to attract and retain clinical and medical staff.

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Post-COVID, the duties and expectations of secretaries have shifted, resulting in increased demand for junior legal secretaries earning under $35k. The demand remains high for project management, engineering, and other related professionals in the property development sector.

Talent acquisition continues to be a key priority for companies across the spectrum in Hong Kong. Many are still willing to offer competitive salaries to ensure they hire candidates with the requisite knowledge and experience in their fields in what’s shaping up to be a tight labour market.

To help you make informed decisions on your next job search, we have compiled a list of the highest-paying jobs in Hong Kong, derived from our 2023 Page Insights Salary Guide.

While the list features senior roles, it will help job seekers at any point in their careers, even fresh graduates, identify the sectors that will offer competitive salary packages and hire aggressively in the coming months.

  Hong Kong's highest-paying jobs in 2023

Top 10 highest-paying jobs in Hong Kong for 2023

1) Regional Chief Financial Officer

A regional chief financial officer in accounting can earn an average of HK$3 million annually.

Seen as a strategic partner to the CEO, the CFO, regional or not, generally involves overseeing a company’s financial operations and decision-making. This includes managing financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting, and analysis.

CFOs are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of financial information, assessing financial risks and opportunities, and providing strategic guidance to support the organisation’s overall goals and objectives.

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2) Head of Legal

A head of legal in an in-house counsel role can earn from HK$2.3 million to HK$2.7 million annually.

This position involves leading and managing the legal team within an organisation. They are responsible for providing strategic advice, ensuring compliance with complex and evolving regulations, and navigating legal matters under board-level scrutiny while optimising legal spending.

(Browse lawyer and legal roles.) 

3) Chief Information Officer

A chief information officer earns an annual income of HK$2.6 million.

This role is responsible for overseeing the IT department and improving internal technology processes to enhance company productivity through automation. A good CIO is conversant with new and emerging technologies and can see how these can be aligned with business strategies.

(Browse roles in technology here.)

4) Chief Executive Officer

A chief executive officer, specifically in the technology industry, earns an annual average of HK$2.5 million.

With the acceleration of digital transformation, CEOs in tech could make HK$500k more than CEOs in other industries annually. CEOs often play a crucial role in driving innovation and keeping up with technological advancements in the technology industry.

They are responsible for fostering a culture of innovation within the organisation, identifying emerging trends, and making strategic decisions to stay competitive.

(Browse CEO roles here.)

5) Head of Human Resources

The head of human resources can make an average of HK$2.5 million yearly in the banking and financial services industry.

The same role in tech earns up to HK$1.5 million, and HK$1.2 million in healthcare and life sciences. The banking and financial services industry is known for its competitive and high-stakes nature, which could impact compensation levels, including HR roles.

Human Resources management plays a vital role in fostering organisational success, especially during economic upturn and expansion, as evidenced by the significant remuneration it commands.

(Browse roles in human resources here.)

6) Finance Director

A finance director in the finance sector earns an average of HK$2 million annually. The same role in property and construction makes up to HK$1.9 million, and between HK$1.4 million to HK1.6 million in the healthcare and life sciences industry.

A finance director in the finance industry has a range of responsibilities related to financial management and analysis, such as budget analysis, compliance with legal policies, cash flow monitoring and internal conflict resolution. This position collaborates closely with the CFO to support financial decision-making and contributes to the overall financial strategy of the company.

(Browse roles in finance here.)

7) Head of Digital Transformation and Change

A head of digital transformation and change in IT development earns HK$1.9 million annually.

This role oversees and drives the implementation of digitalisation initiatives across an organisation’s various business units. They ensure a comprehensive and systematic approach to digital transformation, aiming to leverage technology to enhance processes and business models.

Their responsibilities include identifying opportunities for digitalisation, managing change, and optimising the utilisation of technology within the organisation.

(Browse roles in digital transformation here.)

8) Project Director

A project director in architecture project management earns HK$1.69 million per annum.

The position is responsible for critical decision-making related to the project governance processes, including adjusting the budget and adding resources to ensure project success and compliance with project requirements.

The position may come with key responsibilities like strategic planning, budget management, resource allocation, stakeholder communication, risk management, and quality assurance to ensure the successful execution and delivery of architecture projects while meeting the client’s requirements and objectives.

(Browse roles in project management here.)

9) Head of Supply Chain

The head of supply chain in supply chain management for the consumer and retail, healthcare and life sciences and industrial industries earns up to HK$1.5 million per annum.

This position oversees and manages the planning, organisation, and execution of large-scale projects within the supply chain system. They analyse data, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to optimise the supply chain processes.

Their responsibilities include coordinating logistics, managing inventory, fostering supplier relationships, and ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations throughout the supply chain. This role is critical in enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring a smooth flow of goods and services.

(Browse roles in supply chain here.)

10) Country General Manager

A country general manager in the consumer and retail industry earns up to HK$1.4 million annually.

This position involves overseeing an organisation’s sales activities and operations or a specific country branch. They are responsible for hiring and training sales staff, setting and monitoring sales targets, ensuring customer satisfaction, and developing strategic plans for the sales department.

A Country General Manager in sales plays a crucial role in driving revenue growth, managing key customer relationships, implementing sales strategies, and ensuring the overall success of the sales team within a specific country.

(Browse roles in sales here.)

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Disclaimer: Salaries can differ from company to company depending on your skills, knowledge and experience.

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