I am very fortunate to have worked with wonderful people across Australia, China and Hong Kong during my career with PageGroup.”

What led you to recruitment?

Truth be told recruitment was initially not a consideration as a career option, though having come to PageGroup as a candidate, I was soon approached about an opportunity to work in a fast paced, dynamic sales environment for a market-leading MNC which sounded very interesting.  After chatting with several stakeholders from PageGroup, I realised recruitment was a sales-based role where I had control of my own destiny through my performance. Other key pull factors were the significant investment in training and personal development, the opportunity to work in international locations, the chance to work in a high growth business with opportunities for fast promotion and of course the people! 

What skills have helped you in your role as a regional director? 

Listening, integrity, transparency, strategic planning and more listening! 

How have you balanced the demands of the job with your life away from work? 

Over the course of anyone’s career I believe this is always challenging.  Previously it was finding time for passions including sporting and leisure pursuits.  More recently the juggling act has changed to being a working parent with two young children which can be very rewarding though also demanding at times.  I think that some of the biggest factors to success in balancing work and family life include: 

Family always comes first so make sure you prioritise accordingly 
Make sure you are present and in the moment – if you are at home, don’t be thinking of work and vice-versa 
Have a great support team around you – this includes at work and at home through family and friends
Be flexible with your time to do the things that are important – as an example, I prioritise being able to put my children to bed twice a week which means being flexible with work time 

What is most rewarding about your job? 

Without a doubt people are the most rewarding aspect of my role.  I am very fortunate to have worked with wonderful people across Australia, China and Hong Kong during my career with PageGroup.  In the process of working across these locations, the reward of helping people build incredible careers and realise their potential, as well as seeing the positive impact both professionally and personally has been significant. 

Do you have any advice to anybody thinking about joining PageGroup?

The first thing that new people to our organisation observe is the fast-paced environment and this is initially the biggest adjustment. Our organisation is one of high performers that love to succeed and enjoy what they do, so it is integral you match this level of passion, energy and willingness to challenge yourself in every facet, be it interactions with candidates and clients through to investing in your own personal development. Other key success factors will be your ability to operate in a great team environment and to handle challenges and demonstrate resilience (it is a sales role after all).