I started off my career in corporate sales with an International Hospitality Group. After few years’ time, I shifted to a financial public relations company, in charge of event management. Both work experiences confirmed my career interest in people-oriented jobs, as I gained high job satisfaction from interacting with different people.  In order to take stronger ownership of my career in a dynamic and rewarding environment, I joined PageGroup, which embraces teamwork, organic growth and celebrating success. One of the PageGroup missions is to change lives for people through creating opportunity to reach potential.  Personally, I think the created opportunity isn’t only limited to job seekers and companies, but also applies to PageGroup recruiters. I can learn every day from a wide range of people’s stories and changing market situations.
I have been working at PageGroup for more than 3 years. With the tailor-made training program, on-the-job coaching and fruitful team sharing, I gradually moved from Consultant to Senior Consultant to Associate Manager. I am still excited about upcoming opportunities to realise my full potential.