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Hong Kong's hottest industry trends

Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic markets in all of Asia. With change being the only constant in this bustling hub, the best way to find stable footing is to know where the market is and where it is headed in the near future.


Market Movers is a series of articles built around this very philosophy. We take deep dives into five of Hong Kong’s most active industries — legal, retail, technology, financial services and fast-moving consumer goods — to identify challenges and opportunities, how these industries will steer the economy, as well as how they will impact hiring demands and the labour market as a whole.

Discover how Hong Kong, one of the biggest market influencers in Asia, will continue to shape the region’s economic outlook as we know it.

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• growth of innovation & technology 
• a legal industry in good health
• the future of retail
fmcg stays resilient
financial services innovation