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As we are in performance appraisal season, it is crucial for leaders to engage in introspection. This process is not just about operational and business results; it is a chance to reflect on your leadership qualities and how they influence your team and business success.

It’s always a great chance to reflect on the year just passed, consider the learnings for you and your team and then agree to a plan of action moving forward. Of course a lot of this tends to focus on operational issues, particularly targets – and is very often centred on business and results.

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The importance of self-assessment in leadership

During appraisals, as a leader, you really are both the appraiser and the appraised. This dual role provides a unique opportunity to evaluate your leadership impact over the past year. It is also vital to look beyond mere operational achievements and delve into the leadership skills you have honed or faced challenges with.

The key question: Your leadership value proposition 

I am a big believer in all leaders really understanding themselves and what they bring to a leadership role. So, you need to ask yourself - What are the three reasons why someone should be led by you?

Identifying these reasons can be challenging, yet it is a powerful exercise in self-awareness and leadership development. These reasons should resonate with authenticity and passion, reflecting the core strengths that make you a unique leader.

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Practical steps to identify your strengths

1. Reflect on past feedback from teams and peers.

2. Assess areas where your guidance has significantly impacted your team's success.

3. Consider what makes your leadership approach unique and effective.

Incorporating leadership traits into your role


Every leader has a set of inherent traits that define their leadership style. Whether it is effective communication, empathy, or strategic thinking, identify and cultivate these traits. This self-awareness not only enhances your leadership but also makes you a more appealing leader to current and potential team members.

Once you have identified your three key reasons, develop an action plan to further strengthen these qualities. This might involve targeted training, seeking mentorship, or setting specific leadership goals for the coming year.

Finally, you must really live up to these three reasons every single day. It is not enough to identify your strengths; you must embody them in all your actions. This commitment to your leadership qualities also fosters a diverse and dynamic team environment, where each member feels valued and motivated.

My 3 key reasons

To give you a starting point, here are my three key reasons:

1. I have a proven track record in growing businesses and can mentor you to do the same.

2. Your personal development is my passion, and I'm committed to helping you improve your business skills and as an individual.

3. My approach is anchored in honesty and fairness. You may not always like it, but it will always be honest and fair.

I encourage you to undertake this exercise and share your insights. Reflecting on why someone should work for you not only benefits your team but also contributes to your evolution as a leader. I look forward to hearing about your journey and the impactful reasons that define your leadership.

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