how to succeed as a marketing executive, roles and responsibilities and skills needed for a marketing executive

Marketing executives work with many different departments of a company, including advertising, public relations and product development, to create a marketing strategy that maximises profits.

They specialise in understanding what the market needs, sometimes by conducting market research to determine the potential demand for goods and services offered by their company. Marketing jobs are available in just about every sector of business.

Marketing executives are also responsible for planning and executing advertising campaigns designed to meet the demands of the buyers, whether they are customers or other businesses.

It can be a creative career as it would require you to develop innovative ideas, depending on the product or service you're marketing. For instance, think about how differently you would market a new lipstick range and a new car.

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They are usually creatives with effective analytical, interpersonal, and decision-making skills, and a sound understanding of what it takes for a marketing department to achieve results.

To succeed in this field, you must be proficient in using analytical software, database user interfaces and other technological platforms in order to attain designated business goals.

Marketing professionals should be able to form pricing strategies based on the demand for the products being advertised. They often analyse sales data to determine the success of the marketing strategies used.

Qualities that make a good Marketing Executive

There are a number of marketing skills that will help you to become an excellent marketing executive. They include:

Soft skills

  • A good eye for detail
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Strong interpersonal and organisational skills
  • A friendly, confident manner and first-class people skills
  • A flexible attitude and an ability to get on well with others
  • The ability to deal effectively with customers, clients, marketing assistants and other colleagues, as well as a range of employees within your company

Functional skills

  • A passion for matching the right buyers to the right products
  • Previous experience in marketing, advertising, sales or customer relationship management
  • Sound knowledge of your company's products and services, and the optimum marketing strategy for them
  • A degree in marketing is obviously an advantage, but for many employers, it's not always a formal requirement
  • A good understanding of finance within a marketing sphere, and the ability to interact well with senior marketers
  • An affinity for strategic thinking, allied to a methodical and analytical approach, and an understanding of various marketing initiatives

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What does a Marketing Executive do?

Those who have chosen a career in marketing can be responsible for a diverse range of duties, many of which will differ from one position to another, one sector to another.

Build brand awareness

One of the most important aspects of the role is to create awareness of your brand, in ways that are often aimed at specific target audiences comprised of interested parties and potential customers.

You will often be required to provide help with marketing plans, advertising campaigns, direct email marketing projects and feedback sessions. Sourcing advertising opportunities and placing adverts in the printed press, on the web and on broadcast media will be common duties.

Content marketing

There will be occasions when you are working closely with in-house or external creative agencies to design marketing materials such as brochures and press packs, and of course, within your organisation's internal marketing teams and sales reps.

You will have to know how to write and proofread marketing copy for online and print campaigns. In addition, you may be required to produce marketing collateral like brochures and videos, and perhaps to utilise social media channels to get the best from marketing campaigns.

Event management

Organising events such as product launches, photo shoots and press functions are likely among the duties of a marketing executive. The marketing industry is definitely the place for the people person.

Developing relationships with key stakeholders

This will be a must for people in marketing jobs. Marketing executives must evaluate and review marketing trends, campaigns, advertisements, and SEO to make sure they're using the right mediums.

Track performance

They need to track marketing performance and ROI, and prepare weekly or monthly marketing reports for members of senior management. They also need to monitor and report on competitor activities.

Manage external agencies

When appropriate, they should lead external agencies, such as PR firms, an external marketing agency or ad agencies, to effectively manage events and press relations, editorial requests, presentations and promotions, and online activities. They may also need to manage the marketing budgets and be aware of all market trends.

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What does the career path of a Marketing Executive consist of?

There is a somewhat undefined career path for marketing graduates, but it's worth noting that a marketing career offers a number of other branches and tributaries. First jobs for those in marketing often centre on sales or customer service, or possibly in field marketing.

As a general rule, the career path for specialists tends to go from entry-level all the way up to senior marketing executive, marketing manager, marketing director, digital marketing director, chief marketing officer and VP of marketing.

Skills that are collected along the way can help with career progression, and of course, talented marketers can easily switch from one sector of industry to another and from company to company. Needless to say, the average salary will increase the further you can go up the career ladder.

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