Key findings:

  • 18% of Hong Kong CIOs predict the technology job market will improve; 70% state it will remain steady
  • On average, 41% of Hong Kong CIOs’ time is spent on operations, with 27% spent on strategy
  • Sales operations, IT strategy and sales tools have been key areas of focus for Hong Kong CIOs in 2015, with mobility anticipated to be the strongest area of focus in the next 12 months
  • 53% of CIOs across Greater China expect to increase headcount in the next 12 months
  • 49% of technology professionals in Greater China state that their budgets have increased in the past year; business opportunity initiatives, customer experience, innovation and analytics are the top areas where CIOs in Hong Kong park their budget
  • 62% of Greater China CIOs claim that their IT budget is the equivalent of 1-5% of their company’s revenue and one out of four (26%) respondents say it is as high as 6% or above

Source: Michael Page 2015 Greater China CIO Viewpoint


Hong Kong, Wednesday, 11 November 2015 – Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in Hong Kong have expressed cautious optimism about the technology job market in the next 12 months in the recent Michael Page 2015 Greater China CIO Viewpoint.

Findings from the report indicated that only 18% of Hong Kong IT professionals believe the technology sector will improve over the coming year, while an overwhelming 70% have predicted that things will remain steady. Overall, for the Greater China region, positivity is reflected in the fact that 46% of CIOs expect the sector to improve, and more than half (53%) expects to increase headcount in the next year.

Anthony Thompson, Regional Managing Director, Michael Page Greater China says, “When it comes to increasing headcount, we are seeing clear variations across the markets. In Mainland China, there is growing demand for data analysts and in Taiwan, talent with both technical skills and business sensitivity are the focus of attention. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, developers and specialists in cyber security are highly sought after, particularly within the banking and retail sectors, where revenue and expansion depend on online businesses."

In terms of the main business improvement projects currently being undertaken, CIOs in Hong Kong are primarily concentrating on improving processes such as sales operations, IT strategy and sales tools. Moving forward, mobility has been nominated as the top area for new technology spending in 2016, showing a shift towards a customer service-based focus.

“We are seeing CIOs in Hong Kong move from an operational focus to delivering optimal services to their customers,” says James Leung, Associate Director, Michael Page Technology Hong Kong. “It is no coincidence that this comes at a time of increasing budgets and CIOs are now making more company-wide decisions than at any time in the past five years. This point towards the increasing importance of technology in supporting business growth and, with the recognition of Hong Kong as a competitive hub for growing industries, the outlook for Hong Kong CIOs looks positive.”

The Michael Page 2015 Greater China CIO Viewpoint report is a report that is based on the qualitative survey findings of 116 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) working across a range of industry sectors in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The report provides a snapshot of CIO perspectives on some of the key considerations facing technology leaders over the coming 12 months, including the introduction of technological innovations and strategies within their organisations, IT budget allocation and resourcing trends. The report can be viewed in full here.