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In a world where first impressions are everything, the pressure to stand out can be overwhelming. Savvy business owners and recruiters know that LinkedIn is much more than just a platform for job seekers. 

With more than 900 million members with over 58 million registered companies, LinkedIn is one of the most important tools in any recruiter or hiring manager’s arsenal.

In fact, more than 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn. One study found that 122 million people had received an interview through LinkedIn, and 35.5 million people had been hired by a person they connected with on the platform.

Suffice it to say, LinkedIn is a leading global recruitment driver. But in an increasingly competitive landscape, how do you stand out from the pack to attract top talent to your business? There are some creative ways to leverage this powerful tool and propel your business to new heights. From mastering content marketing to building strong relationships, the possibilities are endless.

Ahead, five key ways you can make an impact on LinkedIn in the year ahead and beyond.

Tips to make your business thrive on LinkedIn

1. Empower your employees to be brand ambassadors

It is no longer good enough to simply say, “We’re an awesome company to work for!” More than ever, job seekers look for proof of an employer’s value proposition before applying for a role.

One of the most effective ways to deliver this is through your own employees' voices. Sharing positive, genuine employee stories, opinions, and experiences on LinkedIn is a powerful employer branding strategy that cuts through the noise. This strategy demonstrates authenticity to potential candidates.

So how do you encourage employees to get involved? It all comes down to communication and engagement. When you have a team that understands and values your brand proposition, they will be motivated to reflect and market that to the broader market through LinkedIn.

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2. Demonstrate your company's culture

The internet today is dominated by video content, and LinkedIn isn't any different. On LinkedIn, video content is shared 20 times more frequently than any other type of content, and job listings with video have a 34% greater application rate than those without.

In 2023 and beyond, video and visually engaging content will be critical to standing out from the pack on LinkedIn. If you include visual elements in your content mix and don't limit yourself to job listings, you can capture your target audience's attention.

Candidates want to experience your workplace culture and people, so use creative ways to share stories about your workplace and highlight reels.

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3. Establish your company as a thought leader

A company's goal in content marketing is to create and share informative, valuable content on LinkedIn as a way to establish itself as a thought leader within their industry, and to build relationships with prospective customers and partners.

A company's target audience can benefit greatly from blog posts, industry news, case studies, and other relevant and valuable content that can be shared with them.

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4. Nurture your talent pools

A talent pool is a set of potential candidates that cover all your key hiring segments. A talent pool typically includes a mix of previous job applicants as well as people with specific expertise, alumni (former employees), and generalists in a variety of fields.

In most cases, these people are not only relevant to your hiring needs, but they are also familiar with or have interacted with your company. LinkedIn can keep these people engaged by sending them job alerts, personalised content, and one-to-one interactions. When you leverage LinkedIn to build and nurture talent pools, you can hire quickly and efficiently.

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5. Build company reputation

A strong presence on LinkedIn can help you build a reputation within the business community and with top talent. Success does not come overnight, but it takes time and dedication.

A key element to a winning LinkedIn strategy is having clear goals. For example, building awareness of specific talent groups or increasing the number of applicants, then communicating these goals within your organisation and implementing things over time to ensure you succeed. As always, consistency and continuous effort are the key drivers for making the biggest impact on LinkedIn in 2023 and beyond.

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