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The role of HR as business partner

Our Global HR Barometer focuses on identifying the key priorities for HR and considers its new strategic role. The report looks at the evolution of HR and the ability of the organisation to measure HR performance. Critically, it reviews the readiness of HR to compete in the war for talent.

To validate the strategic importance of HR within the organisation itself, we examined the organisational and reporting structure of HR leaders, observing that, worldwide, most senior HR leaders directly report to management at the highest levels. 63% of senior management respondents directly report to the CEO / CFO / chairman or woman / general director / managing director.

On exploring further, we have also identified that:

  • 80% of HR leaders have strategically significant responsibilities (e.g. talent management)
  • 60% reported payroll / staff administration within their scope of responsibility
  • The majority of HR leaders have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked in HR for 15 years or more

To view the full report click here; or to view how Hong Kong is tracking here.