More employers in Greater China embracing diversity for work success

By | 01 Aug 2016
In Greater China, Hong Kong remains the most advanced in D&I, in part due to its status as a financial hub and financial services institutions have typically been at the forefront of diversity efforts around the world.

6 executive recruitment trends in Asia to watch

By | 07 Jul 2016
The corporate world in Asia is often subject to an almost constant state of flux. Here are our observations of how organisations are evolving to stay ahead.

How to plan a digital career in a rapidly changing landscape

By | 21 Apr 2016
Digital specialists are in great demand across Asia. Here’s what you have to consider if you’re planning on making the move to digitalise your career

Greater China employees expect higher salaries in 2016

By | 28 Jan 2016
Employees across Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan have expressed positive intent and expectations toward their career prospects in the 2016 Michael Page Greater China Employee Intentions Report.

Why Chinese employer brands are winning over Hong Kong professionals

By | 26 Jan 2016
In recent years, more mainland Chinese companies have become increasingly competitive with their employer value proposition. Now, many high quality professionals in Hong Kong are specifying a clear preference to work for Chinese companies, as reported in the 2016 Greater China Employee Intentions Report.

Key Findings from 2016 Greater China Employee Intentions Report

By | 18 Jan 2016
Find out more about Greater China employees’ preferences around attraction and retention initiatives, salary and bonus expectations, and their views towards hot button topics such as contracting and the rising popularity of Chinese employer brands in the latest 2016 Greater China Employee Intentions Report.

Google, HKSAR government regarded as Hong Kong's most attractive job destinations

By | 15 Jun 2015
What makes a company an attractive option for top graduates? We look at the organisations HK university graduates want to work for.