Working at PageGroup provides career opportunities and benefits that can only exist within a network, in a large and global organisation.”

Tell us about your PageGroup career so far

My career in recruitment began when I met with a Consultant in the process of looking for a job, then ended up embarking on what would become my career path.

Apart from the usual day-to-day running of the business and operations, I also meet clients and jobseekers to discuss their needs and also provide training and development to the team, which ranges from new joiners to more experienced Consultants or Managers. I enjoy that my job allows me to witness firsthand the growth and development of my teams while the continuous opportunity to meet clients and candidates creates new and exciting learning experiences.

Identifying what drives and motivates you in your career is important because once you understand this, a job will be appealing and exciting with different challenges every day. It is also important to embrace the values of the company you work for and I truly embrace the PageGroup values, especially teamwork, which is a pillar and foundation of our success. It has also helped fuel my aspiration to help individuals who want to work and grow in this business. I enjoy knowing that I am helping to grow the business, not just in terms of the bottom line but also human talent. Grooming our Managers and teams, identifying potential leaders and charting their career path with them give me immense gratification at work.

Working at PageGroup provides career opportunities and benefits that can only exist within a network, in a large and global organisation. As I reach my first decade with PageGroup, I look forward to a number of things including more responsibilities, a broader scope, bigger portfolios, developing future leaders and possibly, or hopefully, a promotion in the near future.

How did you hear about PageGroup?

I heard about PageGroup through a friend who previously used PageGroup’s service, and thought it would be a good idea for me to approach them for job opportunities. I was right!

Why did you decide to join PageGroup?

I was initially a candidate, and at the time, the manager proposed a recruitment opportunity to me, which sounded very left field, though extremely exciting and challenging! I decided to take on the challenge, and here I am 13 years later!

How have you grown with us?

I have joined PageGroup in 2004 and have grown organically to become a Regional Director from an Associate Consultant level.

When you first started out with PageGroup, what were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome it?

The first challenge that I faced was making too many assumptions with clients and candidates, and therefore, I was not able to get the desired outcome that I wanted. After learning through mistakes, I learnt to take an open-minded approach to the recruitment process and to cover all the contingencies along the way.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

At this stage of my career, the most rewarding part is to train, groom and develop future leaders at different layers of my team to further grow my businesses.

What is your advice to graduates who are looking to join the recruitment industry?

Having the right attitude is key and it starts with the right work ethic and sense of responsibility/commitment

Enjoy what you do, maintain a strong EQ, and do not assume.

It is not just a sales job. It is a consultative/solutions sales job. Now act and perform like one!